Video Work

A video collaboration with composer Dr. Dave Hall, and the University of Nebraska Percussion Ensemble

“res(pi)t is a short and simple interlude for vibraphone soloist, bowed vibraphones, and melodicas. The title is a combination of "respite" (I used the old Middle English spelling), "rest," and "pi" (π). After consulting with my mathematician wife, I interpreted π to derive the relationship between the struck vibraphone chords and the sustained swells of the melodicas and bowed vibraphones. The sound travels in a circle, another reference to pi. Much like this interlude, moments of repose for me are usually fleeting and far too short, but beautiful nonetheless. res(pi)t is dedicated to my wife Elizabeth, who I love with all my mind and heart.” –D.H.

Esprit de Corps
Excerpts from a short film by Walker Pickering